“A brilliant analysis of where we are and where we need to go.  Read this book!” —Thom Hartmann, author and talk radio show host

Breaking Big Money’s Grip on America shines an important light on the need to get money out of politics. Fixing our broken campaign finance system is an issue that is vital to the well-being of our democracy, and Bruce Berlin provides a comprehensive roadmap for reform. His call for a national Democracy Movement is just what we need to push Washington to act.” — U.S. Senator Tom Udall (D-NM)

Breaking Big Money’s Grip on America is a well researched, articulate, cogent expose of how “Big Money” has taken root in our country, mostly in near silence, to unduly influence our elections and public policy.  Author Bruce Berlin makes a convincing argument that the United States has become a plutocracy, government of and for the very wealthy, aided by decisions of the Supreme Court, Congressional legislation, billionaire donors, and large corporations seeking profits and power. To break this chain, and reestablish our Founding Fathers’ principle “government for the people, by the people, and of the people,” Berlin aptly examines American history, calls for a broad-based Democracy Movement and explains how to do it.” — Michael R. French, award winning novelist of The Beginner’s Guide to Winning an Election, Once Upon a Lie and The Reconstruction of Wilson Ryder. 

“This book persuasively argues that the dominance of Big Money not only corrupts government itself but also blocks effective action on virtually every major issue Americans care about. As Bruce Berlin makes clear, and our history confirms, the only force capable of challenging Big Money’s corrupt and powerful hegemony is a diverse, nonpartisan, grassroots movement for democracy based on a politics of human dignity and equality. Such a movement is needed now more than ever. Fortunately, Berlin lays out a credible roadmap showing how we can create it. I hope it’s read by millions.” —Randy Kehler, former National Coordinator, Nuclear Weapons Freeze Campaign

“In this highly readable, compelling analysis of America’s current political crises, Bruce Berlin calls for a second American revolution to be carried out by the organization of a massive Democracy Movement.  He advocates taking on the corruptions of self government visited upon us by almost unlimited corporate campaign contributions, billions of corporate dollars spent lobbying Congress and the states, and dilution of the rule of law in our courts, all of which must be contested if democracy is to survive.” —Craig Barnes, former member of Common Cause National Board

“In this small but profoundly important book, Bruce Berlin tells us everything we need to know to incite inspired and organized rebellion against Big Money’s hijacking of our democracy. In example after example, he shows how corporate America is choosing how we will live. If you don’t read another book this year, read this one. Berlin reveals the stark reality that the United States is, by and large, a government of, by, and for corporations.” —Gail Carr Feldman PhD, psychologist and author

“Berlin is issuing a compelling clarion call to all who are fed up with Big Money.”  —Charlotte Levinson, President, The Levinson Foundation

“I highly recommend this very insightful book about what is wrong with our political system and how to fix it. Everyone, especially young people who are dismayed with our politics, needs to read it. Whether you are a Republican, Democrat, or Independent, Berlin’s proposals can work for all of us.” —David Cortez, community organizer and filmmaker, Taos, New Mexico

“The crippling influence of money in our political system has undermined the solid science and soulful connections that have long been pressing for fundamental changes in our relationship with all of life. This book is a much-needed clarion call that we must take to heart.” —Jim Cummings, Executive Director, Acoustic Ecology Institute

“Big corporate money greatly inflates what we pay for medical care and prescription drugs. That’s why profits are the only vital signs in our fragmented healthcare system. Berlin’s book breaks it all down to the personal level, where your life and mine are manipulated by Big Money. He astutely illustrates why the grassroots level offers us the best chance to break Big Money’s grip.” —Al Norman, Executive Director, Massachusetts Home Care Association

“For many years I have watched Big Money over-influencing our representative democracy. Bruce Berlin’s six-point plan is right on target, giving us a way forward and a path back to sanity.” —Richard Schmeltzer, CPA. retired partner, Philadelphia region CPA firm

“With insight and riveting clarity, Bruce Berlin examines how today’s Big Money–powered plutocracy has grown in this country and then counters with a doable plan for the American people to build a bridge back to a democracy.” —Eric von Starck, small business owner