Breaking Big Money’s Grip on America Book Launch

Tomorrow is the big day. I’m launching my book, Breaking Big Money’s Grip on America, at 3 p.m. at the Santa Fe downtown library, 145 Washington Ave.  I’ll be reading some excerpts, leading a discussion and signing books.


While writing and publishing my first book is a major milestone in my life, I have mixed emotions. Of course, I’m excited. But, I’m also afraid that the difficult part of this journey is just beginning. It seems that writing a book is easy compared to marketing and selling it.

I’m trying to be non-attached from it all. But that’s not easy either. Afterall, I did spend the better part of the last two and half years on this project. Moreover, I’m not just trying to sell a book. In fact, my primary objective is to motivate people to join in building a movement to revive democracy in America. My book is just a vehicle for that greater goal.

So, I am invested in the outcome. The more people who read the book, the more potential for building a successful Democracy Movement and the greater possibility of our taking control of the country away from Big Money and putting it in the hands of a truly representative government.

The book makes the case for why a mass movement involving a broad alliance of people and civic organizations from across the political spectrum is urgently needed to save the United States from becoming a plutocracy, a country run by, and for the benefit of, the very wealthy. At the same time, it provides a viable strategy for achieving this mission.

While my book delivers this message, it is up to all of us to rise up and make it happen. As I note in Breaking Big Money’s Grip on America, this is a monumental task. However, if you examine our country’s history, you will see that mass movements have played a very major role in making social progress in America. From the abolitionists and women suffragettes to the labor unionists and gay and lesbian rights activists, mass movements have greatly changed the American landscape.

Now it is our turn to make history and build a better future for all Americans. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. Hope you’ll join me on Sunday at the Santa Fe main library at 3 p.m.

If you can’t make it, be sure to visit my website: for more information and how to order the book.


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