Obama and TPP

I’ve been busy trying to finish my book, Breaking Big Money’s Grip.  Sorry, I’ve neglected this blog.  But, I’m just about done the book, so I’m back….

Anyway, Obama’s stance on the Trans Pacific Partnership agreement is really troubling.  He’s now saying that Elizabeth Warren and other Democrats, and a host of labor unions and other progressives, are all wrong about the TPP.  He says the agreement will protect American workers and their jobs.  But, he won’t tell the American people what’s in the agreement.  It’s “classified.”

Not only that, but he wants Congress to fast-track the agreement.  That is, Congress would only be able to vote it up or down, but would not be able to amend it.

Why the secrecy?  If it’s such a good deal for Americans, why is Obama keeping it a secret?

Obama has been in bed with Wall Street and Corporate America before.  He made a deal with the corporations over Obamacare.  He didn’t go after Wall Street bankers who brought down the economy in 2008.  Why should Obama be trusted now?

Obama, open up the TPP agreement.  Let the people decide for themselves.

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