What if Hillary came clean?

This story about Hillary and Bill Clinton’s Foundation taking money from foreign governments while Hillary was Sec. of State is gaining steam.  Did she make decisions at the State Dept. that assisted those governments?  If so, what was the connection between the donations and the decisions?   And, why did all those emails get deleted?  Is there a connection?

Of course, Hillary is denying everything.  But, if she really wanted to serve her country, she could come clean (if there was a connection, and I’m guessing there just may have been.) and explain that this is just the way our government works.  Then, she could start calling out all the examples of Democratic and Republican Senators and Representatives, and Obama and George Bush and Bill Clinton, who have done favors or voted a certain way, to assist Wall Street bankers, the healthcare industry, military contractors, and on and on, and gotten big campaign contributions in return.

Maybe I’m dreaming, but Hillary served in the Senate, lived in the White House and wants to be President.  She would be very credible on all this.  She could really be an American hero and help clean up our corrupt government.  But, then, she wouldn’t become president, would she?  Guess I am dreaming.

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